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Building MUL
The main building of the Montanuniversität Leoben
New lecture hall
The new lecture building housing the ASPM 2010

The conference will start on Wednesday, Sept. 8th, 2010 at 9:00 am and will end on Friday, Sept. 10th, 2010 at 01:00 pm. The lectures will be held in the new lecture building of the Montanuniversität Leoben (Franz-Josef-Strasse 18, A-8700 Leoben). The poster session and the exhibition are near the lecture rooms. You can view/download a floor plan here (PDF).

The registration desk is located at the main entrance of the lecture building and is open from 9:00 am to 12:00 am.


Tel.: +43 3842 402 2301 (secretary office of the organizing committee)
Tel.: +43 3842 402 7722 (direct link to registration desk, available only during opening times)
E-mail: officeaspmat


Following the previous symposia, the 10th Austrian Polymer Meeting and 2nd Joint Austrian-Slovenian Polymer Meeting 2010 will cover fundamental issues of polymer science, instrumental developments, and advances in polymer technology and polymer engineering.

We are pleased to announce the following invited speakers (confirmed):

Gregory N. Tew, University of Massachusetts at Amherst (USA)
"Designing Synthetic Macromolecules with Strong Similarities to Biology" - Key Note Lecture

Alexander Chudnovsky, University of Illinois at Chicago (USA)
"Toughness and Lifetime of Engineering Polymers in Structural Applications" - Key Note Lecture

Evan Mitsoulis, National Technical University of Athens (GR)
"Advances in Polymer Processing: a Modelling and Simulation Point of View" - Key Note Lecture

Ben Alcock, Centre for Materials Research, Queen Mary University of London (UK)
"All Polymer Composites" – Invited Lecture

Jens Gobrecht, Paul Scherrer Institute, Villigen (CH)
"Micro- and Nano-Injection Molding for Bioanalytical Applications" – Invited Lecture

Robert Liska, Institute of Applied Synthetic Chemistry, TU Vienna (A)
"3D Photopolymerization" – Invited Lecture

George Malliaras, Centre Microelectronique de Provence, Gardanne (F)
"Interfacing Conducting Polymers with Biology" – Invited Lecture

Jörg Friedrich, Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Berlin (D)
"Functionalization of Polyolefin Surfaces and Grafting of Molecules with Complex Architecture" – Invited Lecture

Majda Zigon, National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana (SI)
"The Use of Polymer Templates in Preparation of Polymer / ZnO Hybrid Materials and ZnO Nanoparticles" – Invited Lecture

Barbara Gall, Basell Polyolefine GmbH, Frankfurt (D)
"Characterization of Polyolefins: Influence of Molecular Structure on Product Performance" – Invited Lecture

Gerhart Braunegg, Graz University of Technology (A)
"Bio-Polyesters: Current Status and Future Perspectives" – Invited Lecture

Guy Buytaert, Bekaert SA, Zwevegem (B)
"Physico-Chemical Investigations on the Mechanism of Steel Tire Cord - Rubber Adhesion" – Invited Lecture

All Contributions on topics in polymer science and polymer engineering are welcome, for example in the areas of:

  • Polymer Chemistry – Synthesis and Modification of Polymers
  • Polymer Physics - Physical Properties and Morphology of Polymers
  • Polymers from Renewable Resources
  • Characterization and Testing of Polymeric Materials
  • Special Applications of Polymers, e.g. in Optics, Electronics, Medicine and Biosystems
  • Surfaces and Interfaces in Polymer Technology
  • Polymer Processing - Compounding, Extrusion, Injection Molding
  • Design and Construction of Tools and Molds
  • Composite Technology, Nanocomposites
  • Structural applications of Polymer Based Materials
  • Deformation and Failure Behaviour of Polymeric Materials
  • Micro- and Macromechanics of Polymers, Material Models

The conference language is English.